Jim Fitzpatrick, His Art, Dublin, and a Band called Thin Lizzy. . .

  • JF-Roll Me Over
    The picture that first inspired me to reach out to Jim Fitzpatrick. Is there a better picture for the Wild West?
  • 1 jim-che
    Jim Fitzpatrick in front of one of his two his Che Guevara paintings.
  • Jim Fitzpatrick's Che Guevara
    Jim Fitzpatrick's Che Guevara
  • zodiac
    The Zodiac Lounge on Harry Street in Dublin
  • Fitzpatrick, Lynott, and Fallon
    A young Jim Fitzpatrick on the left, Phil Lynott, and Peter Fallon, a Poet. Circa 1972. From his site - www.jimfitzpatrick.com
  • Thin-Lizzy-Remembering
    Thin Lizzy-Remembering, Artwork by Jim Fitzpatrick
  • McDaids
    McDaids on Barry Street. Take note of the hardcovers up top.
  • W B Yeats
    W B Yeats - Poet. One of many in the Irish tradition.
  • Brendan Behar
    Brendan Behar - Poet, a short-story writer, novelist, playwright, and Irish Republican.
  • McDaids & Lynott Monument
    The Bronze Lynott Monument found on Harry street and in proxmity to both Bruxelles, what was the Zodiac and McDaids.
  • Book of Conquests
    The Book of Conquests Written and illustrated by Jim Fitzpatrick. 1978
  • The Silver Arm-cover
    The Silver Arm written and illustrated by Jim Fitzpatrick. 1981
  • T from the Book of Kells
    Detail of decorated initial "T" with ribbon interlace filling and interlaced animal motif, Book of Kells, c. 800
  • Lugh-the-Il-Dana
    Lugh-the-Il-Dana, illustration found in the opening pages of The Silver Arm and found also on www.jimfitzpatrick.com
    The Dream of Nuada - Found in Fitzpatrick's Book of Conquestsm and likewise his website - www.jimfitzpatrick.com
  • Thin_Lizzy_-_Night_Life
    Thin Lizzy's Night Life album. Artwork by Jim Fitzpatrick
  • Thin Lizzy Black Rose
    Thin Lizzy's Black Rose. Artwork by Jim Fitzpatrick
  • Thin Lizzy - Johnny the Fox
    Thin Lizzy's Johnny the Fox album. Artwork by Jim Fitzpatrick
  • Thin Lizzy Chinatown
    Thin Lizzy's Chinatown - Artwork is done by Jim Fitzpatrick,
  • Jailbreak
    Thin Lizzy's Jailbreak album. Artwork by Jim Fitzpatrick
  • Thin Lizzy Rocker
    Thin Lizzy Rocker with the original logo. Artwork and logo done by Jim Fitzpatrick
  • Thin Lizzy - The Classic Logo
    Thin Lizzy - The Classic Logo - Designed and created by Jim Fitzpatrick
  • IR-Seven-Signatories-Poster
    The Seven Signatories of the Irish Proclamation Poster Print - Something a bit more recent from Jim Fitzpatrick
    The Proclamation signed by the seven signatories.
  • Buffalo Gal
    One of my Faves from Philip Lynott's collection of lyrics / poetry, Songs For While I'm Away. Again the artist is Jim Fitztpatrick
    Tuan - Eagle, God, Warrior, and Narrator in Jim Fitzpatrick's Book of Conquests

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