Bernie Torme - Bad Hair day


An amazing guitarist and musician who made some amazing music, and who played with a long list of folks including Ozzy Osbourne, Dee Snider, Ian Gillan, Phil Lewis and on and on, and largely detailed here.

*Special Thanks to Tim Guzzetta for all his detective work here!!!!

The Early Years


1975-76–Played clubs and pubs

–Torme with John McCoy-bass/Roger Hunt-drums

The Bernie Torme bandBernie Torme:

1977–7″ single The Hunter/Soul Sister (Peter Collins Records)

1977–Living For Kicks/Street Fighter on Live At the Vortex, Volume 1 (LP  NEMS Records)

1995–CD Re-issue (Anagram Records, CDPunk68)

–Recorded Live At the Vortex, October 10th & 11th 1977

–Torme with Phil Spalding-bass/Mark Harrison-drums

The Bernie Torme Band - WeekendBernie Torme Band:

1978–7″single I’m Not Ready/Free (Jet Records)

1979–7″ EP Weekend/Secret Service/All Night/Instant Impact (Jet Records)

–Torme with Phil Spalding-bass/Mark Harrison-drums

The Hard:

1979–7″ single The Hottest Woman In Town/I Know (CM Records)

–Torme with Phil Spalding-bass

Find many of these tunes on Punk Or What on Bandcamp!

Gillan - Mr. UniverseOctober 1979–LP Mr. Universe (Acrobat Records)
–Second Sight/Secret Of the Dance/She Tears Me Down/Roller/Mr. Universe
/Vengeance/Puget Sound/Dead Of Night/Message In a Bottle/Fighting Man
1990 CD Reissue adds: Mr. Universe/Vengeance/Smoke On the Water/Lucille  (Virgin Records, CDVM2589)
–Torme with Ian Gillan-vocals/Colin Towns-keyboards/John McCoy-bass/Mick  Underwood-drums1979–7″ single Vengeance/Smoke On the Water (Acrobat Records)

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Bernie Torme - All Day and All of The NightBernie Torme:

1979–7″ single All Day & All the Night/What’s Next (Parole/1981 on Fresh  Records)

–Torme with John McCoy-bass/John Du Cann-guitar/Paul Gunn-drums


Gillan - featuring Jon McCoy, Bernie torme, Ian Gillan, Mick Underwood, and Colin Towns1980–If You Believe Me on Metal Explosion (LP BBC Records)

–From Friday Rock Show, Recorded March 27, 1980

1980–7″ single Sleeping On the Job/Higher & Higher (Virgin Records)

1980–7″ single No Easy Way/Handles On Her Hips/I Might As Well Go Home  (Virgin)

Gillan - No Easy Way

Bernie Torme - The BeatBernie Torme:

1980–7″ single The Beat/I Want/Bonie Moronie (Island Records)

–Torme with John McCoy-bass/Colin Towns-keyboards/Mick Underwood-drums

1980–Secret Service/Electricity on Metallergy (LP Jet Records)

–cheap cash-in by Jet Records

Gillan - Glory RoadGillan:

May 1980–lp Glory Road (Virgin Records, U.S. version RSO Records, with  different order and song selection)

–Unchain Your Brain/Are You Sure/Time And Again/No Easy Way/Sleeping  On the Job/On the Rocks/If You Believe Me/Running, White Face, City Boy


–Some with free limited edition lp For Gillan Fans Only

–Your Mother Was Right/Redwatch/Abbey Of Thelema/Trying To Get To  You/Come Tomorrow/Dragon’s Tongue/Post Fade Brain Damage/Egg  Timer/Harry Lime Theme

Find Gillan’s Glory Road on iTunes!

1980–7″ single Trouble/Your Sister’s On My List (Virgin) (Some with free limited  edition 7″ single Mr. Universe/Vengeance/Smoke On the Water)

Gillan - Future ShockApril 1981–LP Future Shock (Virgin Records)

–Future Shock/Night Ride Out Of Phoenix/(The Ballad Of) The Lucitania  Express/No Laughing In Heaven/Sacre Bleu/New Orleans/Bite the Bullet/If I Sing  Softly/Don’t Want the Truth/For Your Dreams

1990 CD Reissue adds: One For the Road/Bad News/Take a Hold Of  Yourself/M.A.D./The Maelstrom (Longer Than the A Side)/Trouble/Your Sisters  On My List/Handles On Her Hips/Higher And Higher/I Might As Well Go Home  (Virgin Records, CDVM2196)

Find Gillan’s Future Shock on iTunes!

Gillan - New Orleans

1981–7″ single Mutually Assured Destruction/The Maelstrom (Virgin)

1981–7″ single New Orleans/Take a Hold Of Yourself (Virgin)

June 1981–7″ EP No Laughing In Heaven/One For the Road/Lucille/Bad News  (Virgin)

Gillan - No Laughing In Heaven–Bernie Torme leaves Gillan, plays last date in Hannover, Germany, June 22, 1981

1981–LP Double Trouble (Virgin Records)

–If You Believe Me (live)

–Rest of record, guitar played by Janick Gers

Bernie Torme on Ozzy's Diary of a Madman TourOzzy Osbourne:

–Torme briefly replaced Randy Rhodes on Ozzy Osbourne’s Diary of a Madman US Tour

–Played handful of dates in April 1982

–Torme with Ozzy Osbourne/Tommy Aldridge-drums/Don Airey-keyboards/Rudy Sarzo-bass

Bernie Torme at the infamous Marquee Club in London in the early 80sBernie Torme:

1982–7″ single America/Chelsea Girls (Kamaflage Records)

–Torme with Spalding/Towns and Nigel Glocker-drums

1982–lp Turn Out the Lights (Kamaflage Records)

–Turn Out the Lights/Painter Man/Lies/America/Getting There/Possession/No  Reply/Chelsea Girls/India/Oh No

–Torme with Phil Spalding-bass/Nigel Glocker-drums/Mark Harrison-drums on  “Possession”/Colin Towns-keyboards, flute

light1996 CD Reissue: different running order with 3 extra tracks: Try And Stop  Me/What’s Next/Back With the Boys (Retrowrek Records, RETRK101)

Find Turn Off The Lights on Bandcamp!

shoorahBernie Torme & the Electric Gypsies:

1982–Double 7″ single Shoorah Shoorah/Star/(Live At the  Lodge) Search &  Destroy/Possession (Kamaflage Records, KAM8)

–Torme with Frank Noon-drums (ex-Def Leppard)/Everton Williams-bass

–Added to 1996 CD Re-issue Of Electric Gypsies (Retrowrek Records)

Bernie Torme and Frank Noon circa 1982

Bernie and Frank Noon circa 82.

Atomic Rooster - Headline NewsAtomic Rooster:

— Late 1982 & early 1983 Bernie Torme tours Europe with Atomic Rooster

–1983–lp Headline News (Towerbell Records)

–Torme with Vincent Crane-keyboards/Paul Hammond-drums/David Gilmour- guitar

Bernie Torme - Electric GypsiesBernie Torme & the Electric Gypsies:
1983–7″ single I Can’t Control Myself/Black Sunday (Zebra Records)
–Same band lineup as above Shoorah Shoorah single, collapsing long before tour  to promote the following album
1983–LP Electric Gypsies (Zebra Records, ZEB1)
–Wild West/20th Century/Lightning Strikes/Too Young/Call Of the Wild/D.I.S.E.
/Presences/I Can’t Control Myself/Go Go1996 CD Re-issue adds: Shoorah Shoorah/Star/Search & Destroy/Possession/New  World (Retrowrek Records, RETRK102)

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Bernie Torme - Baby Loves a Vampire1984–12″ ep My Baby Loves a Vampire (Midnight Version)/Lightning Strikes  (live) (Zebra Records)

1984–LP Live (Zebra Records)

–Wild West/Turn Out the Lights/Lightning Strikes/Getting There/Too Young/No  Easy Way

–Torme with James C. Bond-bass (ex-Stampede)/Ron Rebel-drums (ex-Iron   Maiden)

The Hard featuring Bernie Torme:

1984–The Hottest Woman In Town on Metal Killers (LP Kastle Killers)

Torme:Torme - the Band

1985–7″ single All Around the World/Come the Revolution (Zebra)

–Torme with Phil Lewis-vocals (ex-Girl and of course LA Guns)/Chris Heilman-bass/Ian Whitehead-  drums

1985–LP Back To Babylon (Zebra Records, ZEB6)

Torme - Back to Babylon–All Around the World/Star/Eyes Of the World/Burning Bridges/Hardcore/Here I  Go/Family At War/Front Line/Arabia/Mystery Train

–1989 CD US Reissue adds: Love, Guns  And Money (Metal Blade Records, 7  73434-2)

1986–12″ ep Star/Kerrap/T.V.O.D./Love, Guns & Money (Zebra Records)

Find Torme’s Back to Babylon on iTunes!

Bernie Torme:

1986–Hard Times/The Beat (live) on Kiss Yer Skull Goodbye (LP Conifer  Records)

1986–LP Back With the Boys (Best Of) (Raw Power)

–Come Tomorrow/My Baby Loves a Vampire/No Easy Way (live)/Try And Stop  Me/Don’t Give Up Your Day Job/Turn Out the Lights (live)/Wild West/What’s  Next/Lies/Night Lights/All Day And All the Night/Back With the Boys

Torme - Die Pretty Die YoungTorme:

1987–CD/LP Die Pretty Die Young (Demos) (Heavy Metal Records, HMRXD94)

–Let It Rock/The Real Thing/Ready/Sex Action/The Ways Of the East/Killer

/Memphis/Louise/Crimes Of Passion/Ghost Train/All Around the World/Chain  Gang/Mystery Train

Torme Live2002 CD Re-issue adds: Let It Rock (Retrowrek Records, RETRK109)

1987–CD/LP Official Bootleg (Onsala Records, CDTL006)

–Frontline*/Turn Out the Lights*/Hardcore*/Star*/Burning Bridges*/T.V.O.D.*

/My Baby Loves a Vampire*/New Orleans*/Love, Guns & Money*/All Around  the World/Mystery Train/Frontline

–*Recorded live at the Clarendon, Hammersmith-April 1987

Find Torme’s Die Pretty Die Young on Bandcamp!

Desperado featuring Dee Snider, Bernie Torme, Clive Burr and Marc RussellDesperado:

1988-1992 — numerous wasted years in pursuit of record contract

–Bernie Torme-guitars/Dee Snider-vocals/Marc Russell-bass/Clive Burr-drums


1990–CD The Friday Rock Show Sessions-Live At Reading (Raw Fruit  Records, FRSCD002)

–Unchain Your Brain/Mr. Universe/If You Believe Me/Trouble/Vengeance

/Smoke On the Water

–Recorded 22nd August 1980

–Classic Gillan line-up

Bernie Torme - Are We There Yet?Bernie Torme:
1991-CD/LP Are We There Yet? (Best Of?) (Heavy Metal Records, HMRXD168)

–Teenage Kicks/Come the Revolution/Let It Rock/All Around the World/Mystery  Train/Search & Destroy/Shoorah Shoorah/Wild West/Star/Turn Out the Lights  (live)/Lies/Chelsea Girls

Rene Berg - The Leather, the Loneliness & Your Dark EyesRene Berg:1992–CD/LP The Leather, the Loneliness & Your Dark Eyes (Communique  Records Ltd, CMGCD005)

–Secrets/Head Over Heels/Can’t Get To Sleep/If I Had Wings/Get Up Get Out

/Just Wanted To Dance With You/Fast Car/Ideal Woman/Rob the Bank/The  Leather, the Loneliness and Your Dark Eyes

–Bernie Torme with Rene Berg-vocals (ex-Idle Flowers, ex-Hanoi Rocks)/Rat  Scabies-drums (ex-Damned)/Paul Gray-bass (ex-Damned, ex-UFO)

Find The Leather, the Loneliness & Your Dark Eyes on iTunes!

Torme - Demolition BallTorme:
1993–CD Demolition Ball (Bleeding Heart Records, CDBleed2)
–Fallen Angel/Black Sheep/Action/Ball & Chain/Slip Away/Long Time Coming
/Spinnin’ Your Wheels/Don’t Understand/Industry/Draw the Line/U.S. Maid/Let  It Go/Walk It/Man O’Means
–Torme with Gary Owen-vocals (ex-Samson)/John Pearce-bass/Chris Jones- drums2003 CD Re-issue adds: Monkey Business / Darlene (Retrowrek Records, RETRK110)

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Desperado - Bloodied but UnbowedDesperado:
1996–CD Bloodied, But Unbowed (Destroyer Records)

–Hang ‘Em High/Gone Bad/The Maverick/The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter/Calling  For You/See You At Sunrise/There’s No Angels Here/Made For Trouble/Ride  Thru the Storm/Son Of a Gun/Emaheeval/Easy Action/Heart Of Saturday Night

–1992 album finally issued on Dee Snider’s personal label

–Bernie Torme-guitars/Dee Snider-vocals/Marc Russell-bass/Clive Burr-drums


1997–CD The Gillan Tapes-Volume 1 (Angel Air Records, SJPCD004)

–Maelstrom/Bad News/Take a Hold Of Yourself/Come Tomorrow/No Easy Way  Truth/It Isn’t Going To Die!/Higher And Higher/Night Lights/MAD (Mutually  Insured Third Party Fire And Theft)

–13 of 18 tracks featuring classic Gillan line-up

–Mostly sub-bootleg quality recordings from John McCoy’s personal archives

Bernie Torme - Wild IrishBernie Torme:
1997–CD Wild Irish (Retrowrek Records, RETRK 103)

–Rat/Ghost Walking/Follow the Leader/Bad Blood/Howling At the Moon
/River/Walk Don’t Run/Lonesome Train/One More Heartache/Yesterday & Nowhere (with limited edition bonus disc–Wild Irish CD-EP: Ghost Walking (alt. mix/edit version)/Rat (radio 2 mix)/River (alt. Mix and edit)/Graveyard (unavailable elsewhere)
–With John Pearce-bass/Chris Jones-drums

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Bernie Torme - Punk or WhatBernie Torme:

1998–CD Punk Or What (Retrowrek Records, RETRK104)
–Anyway Anyhow Anywhere/Don’t Look Back/One Night Stands/Secret Service
/Its Alright/Rebel/City’s Falling/Tear It Down/Instant Impact/Weekend/Dance/All  Nite/Trying Again/I’m Not Ready (demo)/Instant Impact (demo) (with limited  edition bonus disc–Radio Session ’77 EP: Looking For Action/Don’t Look Back
/I’m Not Ready/Anyway Anyhow Anywhere)
–Recordings from 1977-1979
–The Bernie Torme Band: Torme with Phil Spalding-bass/Mark Harrison-drums

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Gillan - Dead of NightGillan:

1998–Dead Of Night: At the BBC, Vol. One (RPM Records Ltd, RPM185)

–Interview With Ian Gillan/Sleeping On the Job/Mr. Universe/Dead Of Night

/Roller/Venegeance/Smoke On the Water/Secret Of the Dance/Sleeping On  the Job/Mr. Universe/Dead Of Night/Vengeance

–Reading Festival/Friday Rock Show, August 25, 1979 and BBC In Concert,  Recorded Sept. 19, 1979

–Both this and Unchain Your Brain by classic Gillan line-up

1998–CD Unchain Your Brain: At the BBC, Vol. Two (RPM Records Ltd,  RPM186)

–Unchain Your Brain/Are You Sure?/Mr. Universe/No Easy Way/Trouble/If You  Believe Me/On the Rocks/Nervous/Running White Face City Boy/Vengeance

/Lucille/*interview With Ian Gillan/*If You Believe Me (*Friday Rock Show)

–BBC In Concert, Recorded Sept. 9, 1980

Bernie Torme - White Trash GuitarBernie Torme & Electric Gypsies:

1999–CD White Trash Guitar (Retrowrek Records, RETRK105)

–Chasing Rainbows/Credibility Joe/All I Want/Boy Who Ran Away/My  Obsession/Shoot the DJ/Lone Wolf Blues/Healer/Dark Horizon/Pearls (with  limited edition bonus disc White Trash Guitar CD2: Credibility Joe/Easy Action–Lead Vocal: Dee Snider/Sea Of Pain–Keyboards: Mark Harrison/Purple  Haze [live])

—-Otherwise mostly same lineup as Wild Irish

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Bernie Torme - LiveBernie Torme:

1999–CD Bernie Torme Live (Retrowrek Records, RETRK106)

Wild West/Turn Out the Lights/Lightning Strikes/Getting There/Too Young/No  Easy Way/Wild West*/Lightning Strikes*/Presences*

–Reissued live album from 1984 with 3 extra tracks*

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Atomic Rooster LiveAtomic Rooster:

2000–CD Live In Germany ’83 (Retrowrek Records, RETRK107)

–Watch Out/Metal Minds/Tomorrow Night/Carnival/Hold Your Fire

/Gershatzer/Devils Answer/Took Control/Hold Your Fire (encore)

–Recorded at the Zeche Club Bochum Germany on 1st of February 1983

–Torme with Vincent Crane-organ, vocals/Paul Hammond-drums

Bernie Torme - Scorched EarthElectric Gypsies:

2001–CD Scorched Earth (Retrowrek Records, RETRK108)

–All I Want/Ball & Chain/Bad Blood/Ghost Walking/Chasing Rainbows/Mystery  Train/Golden Pig/Star/Pretty Vacant

–Live recordings made between 1999 and 2001

–Torme with John Pearce-bass/Simon Jeffrey-drums

Find Bernie Torme’s Scorched Earth on Bandcamp!

Bernie Torme - Live Sheffield 1983Bernie Torme:

2002–CD Live Sheffield 1983 (Angel Air Records, SJPCD115)

–Wild West/20th Century/No Easy Way/Turn Out the Lights/Presences/Lightning  Strikes/Getting There/I Can’t Control Myself/Too Young/Bernie’s Guitar  Extravaganza/Possession/The Beat/No Easy Way (repeat)

–Same line-up as Live

Find Bernie Torme’s Live Sheffield 1983 on Bandcamp!

Gillan On the RocksGillan:

2002–CD On the Rocks (Angel Air Records, SJPCD119)

–No Laughing In Heaven/Bite the Bullet/No Easy Way/Thunderwood/Trouble/If  You Believe Me/On the Rocks/Vengeance/Torme’s Last Stand/Smoke On the  Water/New Orleans/Lucille

–Classic Gillan line-up, live in Aachen, Germany 17th June 1981, 5 days before  Torme quit

Bernie Torme - Stratocaster GypsyBernie Torme

2005-DVD – Stratocaster Gypsy (Angel Air NJPDVD621)

1. Ghost Walking (promo video) 2. Shoorah Shoorah (promo video 3. Star (live)
4. Frontline (live) 5. Hardcore (live) 6. Turn Out The Lights (live) 7. (My Baby Loves A) Vampire (live) 8. Wild West (live) 9. Mystery Train (live) 10. TVOD (live) 11. Burning Bridges (live) 12. Star (promo video) 13. Black Sheep (TV Clip) 14. Hardcore (TV Clip) 15. Sex Action (live) 16. Slip Away (promo video)


Desperado - AceDesperado

2006-CD Desperado – ACE (Air SJPCD154)

Previously Released under the title Bloodied but Unbowed

1. Hang ‘Em High 2. Gone Bad 3. Run Wild Run Free (The Maverick) 4. Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
5. Calling For You 6. See You At Sunrise 7. No Angels Here 8. Made For Trouble 9. Ride Thru The Storm
10. Son Of A Gun 11. Emaheevull

Desperado’s ‘Ace’ was recorded in 1990 and is regarded by many as one of the high points of 80’s rock/metal.
It was never released because of the record company changing its mind about the project due to the explosion of ‘grunge’ metal at the time. ‘Ace’ remains a classic of its genre and is now released for the first time.

DESPERADO were a late 80’s metal/rock super group made up of DEE SNIDER Twisted Sister’s fast talking New York front man/lead singer, actor, screenplay writer, film star and shock DJ CLIVE BURR Iron Maiden’s legendary drummer. Recognized by musicians all over the world as a giant amongst drummers, now sadly laid low by MS, BERNIE TORMÔøΩ Guitarist with Gillan, Atomic Rooster, Ozzy Osbourne, provider of walls of sound, wails of feedback, blues passion and shredmeister from hell, MARC RUSSELL bass player.

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Guy McCoy Torme - CannonballGuy-McCoy-Torme (GMT)

2006 – Cannonball EP (Fantasy Island/Retrowrek Records)

First recording featuring Robin Guy on Drums, John McCoy on Bass and Bernie Torme on guitar.

Tracks include: Cannonball, Bitter and Twisted, and Ball and Chain.

Guy McCoy & Torme - Bitter and TwistedGuy-McCoy-Torme (GMT)

2006-CD Bitter & Twisted (Retrowrek Records B000IB0C9K)

Featuring Robin Guy on Drums, John McCoy on Bass and Bernie Torme on guitar.

1. Cannonball
2. Rocky Road
3. Bitter & Twisted
4. Can’t Beat Rock ‘n’ Roll
5. Down To Here
6. No Justice
7. Miss The Buzz
8. Longer The Tomorrow
9. Summerland
10. Deireadh An Samhradh (Summers end)
11. Vincenzo (Bella Grande Pumpo Del Amore)

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Gillan Live at Edinburgh - 1980Gillan

2006-DVD Gillan Live in Edinburgh (Angel Air NJPDVD625)

Concert Footage-recorded for STV 1980Tracklisting:1. Unchain Your Brain2. Trouble3. If You Believe Me4. Mutually Assured Destruction 5. No Easy WayBonus Archive Footage:1. Vengeance2. Smoke On The Water3. Sleeping On The Job

Plus interviews with several former members of Gillan including Bernie Torme

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GMT - Punko RoccoGuy-McCoy-Torme (GMT)

2008 – Punko Rocco EP (Fantasy Island/Retrowrek Records)

Prelude to GMT’s second album, and featuring the following tracks:
1. Punko Rocco
2. Wheel of Fortune
3. Wild West (Recorded live at the Rock’n Blues Festival UK)

Guy McCoy Torme - Evil TwinGuy-McCoy-Torme (GMT)

2008-CD Evil Twin (Fantasy Island/Retrowrek Records)

Tracks include:
1. Punko Rocco
2. Bullet In the Brain
3. Evil Twin
4. You Can’t Hold Me
5. One of These Days
6. Jonny Sitar
7. Holy Roller
8. Wheel of Fortune
9. Perfumed Garden
10. The Humours of Mr. McCoy

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Guy McCoy Torme - Do You Remember How to Rock?Guy-McCoy-Torme (GMT)

2010-EP – Do You Remember How to Rock? (Fantasy Island/Retrowrek Records)

Featuring the single: Do You Remember How to Rock?

Guy-McCoy-Torme (GMT)

Guy McCoy Torme - Raw Live

2011-CD GMT Raw-Live (Fantasy Island/Retrowrek Records)

1. Meantime
2. Rawroar
3. Cannonball
4. Bullet In the Brain
5. Wheel of Fortune
6. Perfumed Garden
7. Can’t Beat Rock n Roll
8. Bitter and Twisted
9. Longer Than Tomorrow
10. No Easy Way
11. Fire

Booklet/ Digital Booklet – Raw – Live GMT — Album Only

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Bernie Torme - Flowers & DirtBernie Torme

2014-CD Flowers & Dirt

1. Crash & Burn 03:18
2. Partytown 03:04
3. Blood Run Cold 03:31
4. Your Voodoo 03:34
5. Mr Fixit 05:40
6. No Lip (Tsunami Blues) 03:21
7. Devil and the Deep Blue 03:55
8. Lockjaw 02:08
9. Everybody Need Love 04:00
10. Good Man Down 06:05
11. Warpaint 01:56
12. Bad Juju 03:05
13. Mr Bad Luck 04:25
14. Highway Chains 03:49
15. Out in the Cold 04:48
16. Garden of Earth’s Delight 04:57
17. Spirit Road 05:17
18. Turn of the Tide 04:04
19. Stoneship 08:34
20. Outlaw Blues 03:04

Bernie Torme’s first solo studio CD release for 15 years! This is a double album, 83 minutes long, 20 tracks of raw, new, original and yet still classic Bernie Torme songs and guitar: heavy bluesy rock’n’roll spiced with psychedelia and acoustic. In a cool and dinky gatefold sleeve, it looks GOOD, but as always THE MAIN THING IS THE MUSIC!!!!!!

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Torme - Official Live BootlegTorme

2015-CD Torme – Official Live Bootleg

1. Frontline 05:30
2. Turn Out The Lights 05:14
3. Hardcore 03:25
4. Star 04:29
5. Burning Bridges 03:02
6. T.V.O.D. 03:06
7. My Baby Loves A Vampire 06:27
8. New Orleans 04:13
9. Love Guns And Money 02:31
10. All Around The World 05:42
11. Mystery Train 03:37

Recorded live at the Clarendon Ballroom Hammersmith London in 1986: while the source recording may have been technically less than perfect, this is a live picture of a band at its peak, full of excitement and magic.

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Bernie Torme - BlackheartBernie Torme

2015-CD Blackheart (Recorded 2015 at Barnroom Studios)

1. Golden Pig 02:53
2. 1985 (Keeper Of The Flame) 03:22
3. On Fire 03:00
4. Better Days 03:30
5. Snake In The Garden 03:06
6. Flow 06:08
7. Into The Sun 05:17
8. Pain Song 02:49
9. Dirt 05:55
10. Steady Roller Blues 03:29
11. Miles To Babylon 05:00
12.Party’s Over 02:45

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Bernie Torme’s Dublin Cowboy – a 3 CD Set

Bernie Torme

2017 3 CD Set – Dublin Cowboy

Features One CD of Electric / Amplified Instruments. The second is all acoustic guitar. Both were recorded at Bernie’ Barnroom Studio. The third CD is Live recordings from shows in 2016.
  1. Dublin Cowboy 03:18
  2. Hair Of The Dog 03:08
  3. Power Of The Blues 04:54
  4. Bak 2 U 02:33
  5. Time (Has Taken Its Toll) 06:10
  6. Skangers Delight 02:53
  7. Little Brother 03:16
  8. In The Groove 03:27
  9. Way It Rolls 04:26
  10. Janus (Pt 1&2) 05:47
  11. Already Gone 07:22
  12. Shine 11:57
  13. Morning Raga 04:42
  14. Wolfgirl 06:01
  15. Lethe 05:12
  16. All My Demons 04:53
  17. Lady November 04:50
  18. Cirkus 03:37
  19. Death Of Dreams 03:53
  20. Wild West 05:22
  21. Bullet In The Brain 03:14
  22. Blood Run Cold 03:59
  23. Turn Out The Lights 06:15
  24. Pain Song 03:07
  25. Star 05:17
  26. Stoneship 09:18
  27. Rocky Road (From Dublin) 03:46
  28. Trouble 02:43
  29. New Orleans 04:10

Find Bernie Torme’s Dublin Cowboy on Bandcamp.