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Cyndi Dawson, Lead Vocalist for the Cynz’s, picks the the tunes and bands to check out!


Where We Are

Cyndi, who is usually is offering up bands and music, this time just laments where we are in the midst of Covid, and likewise the road ahead. A weird thing has been happening to me...

Palaye Royale 0

Palaye Royale

This week’s ’Dawson’s Pick’ was a clear winner of several I considered writing about. I love rock and roll. The dirtier, the grittier, the better. I’m always looking for new rock bands that stand out...

The Silver Lines

The Silver Lines

I’m always on the lookout for bands that can keep the punk/Indie flame burning but also bring a genuine quality all their own with it. So for my third installment of ‘Dawson’s Pick’ I bring...