Guitarist Extraordinaire
Bernie Torme

The Bernie Torme Discography

Bernie Torme is an amazing guitarist who has played with a long list of folks including Mr. Ozzy Osbourne, Dee Snider, Ian Gillan, Phil Lewis and on and on. More important though is his music-an amazing array of music. Bernie is both punker, and guitar hero. He is the expressive over the top whammybar-lovin showman.

His music inspired us to start the Wild West when from 2003 thru 2006 we tried to bring him over from the UK for a US tour.

Today, we have moved on to focus on the local rock and alternative scene, but we have certainly not forgotten Bernie Torme. When it comes to musical tastes and ideas on music he is never far from my consciousness. Scary but true.

For some idea of Bernie’s history-and the music he has contributed to-check out the Feast of Noise/ Wild West Bernie Torme Discography.

For a better view of the man and his music, check out his website (

And of course he can be found on Facebook.

Wondering what I mean by a showman, check out Youtube.

Something grabbed me that December night way back in 1980.

Bob Schaffer



Stoneship from Bernie Torme’s album, Flowers & Dirt.


Torme Live at Folkestone Open Air Festival 1986: “Turn Out The Lights” and “Mystery Train” featuring Phil Lewis (LA Guns)




Gillan Performing Unchain Your Brain and featuring Ian Gillan, Mick Underwood, Colin Towns, John McCoy, and Bernie Torme