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Though we have made progress on the radio it still needs work. For one thing it still does not provide details for all bands, which means that listeners will at times have no idea who is playing. At least not courtesy of our technology today. This includes acts such as Banana Fish Zero, Drew Torres, among others, and that just does not work.

Further, the player will go up to iTunes and pull an image and a link from the artist it has determined is playing. Cool when it works. and it does have a good amount of success! If a band, however, is not on iTunes it is a problem.

Do be wary of the what the player claims is the band, album and music you are listening to. No doubt is often correct, but it will at times arrive at some interesting selections. Wrong, but interesting.

I am also afraid that though the quality of the sound is better with a streaming rate of now 128 kbps, if you use wifi and all, it will choke. We will find out soon enough!

So we got some work ahead of us.

Bob Schaffer