Recollections on two shows and how the Wild West began. . .

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7 Responses

  1. Chris Bremer says:

    you rock Bob Ian Solo work was great. I forgot that he was in JCSS on Broadway.

  2. Gary says:

    I too was at that Thin Lizzy show.
    I was also under age and gained access with someone elses license.
    I remember all the songs from that show and how blown away I was.
    I even remember asking a roadie why did they replace Scott Gorham and he told me “they didn’t. He just cut his hair short.” What a night that was.

  3. Gary says:

    No, I did not go to the Gillan show.
    I only saw Thin Lizzy and Alice Cooper at that club. Cool name for a club – “Emerald City”. I too was 17 when Lizzy was there. I remember several songs but not all of them. Let me know if you remember more than these songs: Waiting For An Alibi, Jailbreak, Cowboy Song, Boys Are Back in Town, Emerald, Dear Miss Lonely Hearts, Chinatown, Killer On The Loose, Genocide (killing of the buffalo).
    I so wanted them to play my favorites “We Will Be Strong” and “Didn’t I” but they did not. So many great Lizzy albums. Damn I miss Phil Lynott.

    • wildwestrocks says:

      Those are tunes I remember. The two you list off of Chinatown are good and would have been welcome here too. Hey Thanks again for the back and forth. Be well!