A Snapshot of Hitomi Nakamura

  • hitomi-22
  • hitomi-3 rockaway bitch
    Hitomi on drums with Rockaway Bitch.
  • hitomi-34 rand
  • hitomi-33 statues
    Prince Hal and Joh Law with Hitomi on the "skins" behind them.
  • hitomi-8 boxer tb
  • hitomi-13 with Yoni Benshlomo
  • hitomi-31 tb
  • hitomi-29 tb
  • hitomi-19 tb
  • Hitomi-26 Batz
    Batz - the band
  • hitomi-7 flapper tb
  • hitomi-6 Replicant tb
  • hitomi-5 Ritual 2 tb
  • hitomi-25 tb
  • hitomi-27 tb
  • hitomi-38-tb
  • hitomi-17 skull cake tb
  • hitomi-37 tb
  • hitomi-9 flapper and fleamarket
  • hitomi-34 rand
    Hitomi and I am guessing at Ottos, and the photo is courtesy of Alan Rand. . . I hope.

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1 Response

  1. Tina says:

    I am so pleased to read this . Hitomi is forever as is my nephew Tobias Batten , aka Tobias Batz. I loved this wonderful piece of written art that you , sir , have produced although it has me missing him even more. That in itself is s beautiful moment . Somewhere in cyber space there is a clip of Toby singing ” matchbox ” he was fooling around .raw talent tho – that’s what he was. Isn’t Hitomi so wonderful? Didn’t he capture her so sweetly? Good to see them both and your ” word painting’ as well . Thank you . ♥️